I am attracted to lines and drawings. Anything that is uncertain in a way triggers emotional

feelings. I can name a few emotional objects here; water, time, space, a line, a dot, a dream, a

shadow, a memory, diaries, stains, foot prints… I draw wobbly lines that I have less control of.

Continuous lines, oval shaped circles, weird looking forms. They are some parts intentional and

some parts just a move of my hand.

I am interested in the talks that is not said rather than the ones that have managed to. The hole in

the world of fully compact verbal and imagery informations. We live in a increasingly uncertain and

complex world yet with a casual attitude towards objective facts. We talk so easy but often don’t

know the truth if there even is one. When we think something is not true enough to be talked

about we are lost, and don’t have a clue where to find it.

In my paintings I stand by the fact that I am lost. I often draw a line without decision and draw

over it or I erase it.

Moving to Germany gave me time and chance to have an outsider perspective. My drawings

which I have been doing before I came to germany is now changed to be more abstract and bold.

Walking into this broad unfamiliar world, I naturally focused on observing everything around me.

The more I search for order and structure, I find holes and disconnection between spaces. I think

it is an instinctive character that traces also on to my paintings.

The process of my paintings are continuous duel of ambivalence. Connection and

disconnection, balance and lean, structure and chaos, continuity and temporality.. .

Through the lines I draw, I search for sensitivity and at the same time, sort of numbness of

unconsciousness. The focus is on the lines that cross and tangle and stick out. Trying to

understand the process and the space where I exist while I am painting becomes both my

question and answer. 2019