Burg Zwei Galerie Solo Exhibition

Things That Grow 2017

coming to here was a big change in my life,
I had turn from my old problems and contacted new problems.
For some reason-I suppose it was the lake— i started to go back to my old problems. The day i decided so surely that i would leave the old place. when i decided i wanted to make art. when i found out i loved making art. when i was born. When my parents was born and my grand parents.

I always felt i have no roots. i flew or floated here.
but once a taro lady told me that i do have roots. just weak, thats all.
so i wanted to find it. i wanted to travel to find mine. it was different from just floating away.
This is an on going journey. Garden of unknown, could it be the first step? i don’t know.
branches grow that you can see. but the roots. will they grow too?

i hope it isn’t too personal i mean. most of my work is about me. my life. but i do take double amount of time to figure out how to share it with you. like now i am writing this so you can read. maybe have a chat with me later, help me (you)find my (your)roots.